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Screen Printed Custom Ceramic & Glass Decals.

We believe, with over 30 years experience, we produce some of the best ceramic and glass decals in Australia printed in our factory on the New South Wales/Victorian border and shipped Australia wide by courier.

Why screen printed decals  -  because there is a significant difference between a screen printed decal and a decal or waterslide tranfer printed digitally and that difference will stand out as soon as you take the item off the kiln.


Screen printing allows us to put down a much heavier layer of ink which leads to opacity and, in many cases, a high gloss finish. Yes prices are higher than digital images on short runs but if you're after quality there's no comparison and we are also able to screen print metallic gold and silver transfers as well as matching Pantone colours.

Click on these links shown in red for some samples of personalised decals repeated on an A4 sheet: Sample 1   Sample 2   Sample 3  or again some samples of assorted images with a common colour printed on A4 sheets:   Sample 4   Sample 5   Sample 6.

We do have sample decals for you to try out so if you'd like to give them a go and see the quality just contact Rod by clicking here on our Contact Page .


We have specialised in custom screen printed water slide decals for Ceramics and Glass for over 35 years using German inks from Heraeus and Degussa. You just need to let us know whether you require high fire inks (790c), which are normally used on ceramic items and are fully dishwasher and microwave safe, or low fire inks (580c), which are normally used on glass and are dishwasher safe.

Low fire decals can also be used on decorative ceramic items that do not require dishwasher resistance.

You can download an individual decal price list by clicking here: Decal Prices or we also offer the option of sheet prices if you have a number of designs with a common colour which you can fit onto an A4 or A3 sheet. Sheet prices can be downloaded by clicking here: Sheet Prices.

As well as printing decals in our workshops we also offer a free backup service to assist with any technical problems you may have and guidance for decal application if you haven't used decals before. We can print from your electronic files, if available, or simply send us your artwork on paper and we can work from that.

We do also have a limited range of Australiana images and which are available on A4 sheets of mixed sizes. Just click here to see the range available with prices here.

All our decals are shipped Australia wide by courier which, in many cases, is an overnight service to a street address.

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