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Do you just want some glasses at a good price and you're not to fussed about the style or maybe a mix of glasses will do the job? Well you've come to the right place with our page for clearance and end of run lines. Most of us have a cupboard or room where items we don't use anymore are put and a corner of our warehouse is the same!

So just send us an email or give us a call and tell us roughly what you're after and we can see if we can put together a package for you at a discounted price. All these items are 1st quality and are simply end of run lines or discontinued stock so if you need a minimum of 10 glasses contact us today.
Web clearance.png

H210mm x Dia60mm

Print h40mmx40mm

H224mm x Dia72mm

Print h55mmx50mm

H224mm x Dia64mm

Print h45mmx45mm

H230mm x Dia46mm

Print h50mmx35mm

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